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Elena Sense
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8 July
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Abstract Dream





Celeste Nafanoy is a charming and extravagant Artist, living in Phuket (Thailand).


She became a well known artist after graduating from Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology. 


Most of her ideas and inspiration comes from the colourful scenery of Thai streets. 







And sometimes I am sorry when the life


Is growing over to the love from in the universe


but i not to be to cry from the opera to sing all in my heart


Sward all in the sky from a universe


never not to see the flowers in love here


Of hot sex hot in love and shadow from a hell


ALL in here the heart ' all the him name ' never love


THE LIFE IN HERE NEED to sing in cry


a world can say to my name come from a universe


War to kill the love from a baby


in sky sing to my heart need to say to opera to open door


to come back to have the life all the sea in the sky


Here world people need to sing to love more the life


sea to open door to water come in


fly all in sky to universe to sing opera all sward


in all war the kill from out love to give atom


The sky to meet in love all in the sea.



Celeste Nafavoy



 suggests to pay attention to Celeste's growing popularity and follow her works on

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