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Elena Sense
7 July
Elena Sense
Touch Of Life       Elena started to draw in the seventh grade. Initially, it was copying the pictures, then appeared m ...
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Inna Khasileva
8 July
Inna Khasileva
Controversial Modernist         Inna Hasileva was born in 1984. The 1999-2004 period. - Student of Odessa State A ...
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Gyuri Lohmuller
8 July
Gyuri Lohmuller
Contortionist Of The Paintbrush             Born in Gataia, Romania, in 1962. Gyuri Lohmuller is a se ...
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East Master







   This fantastic artist was born in Syria so remembering the latest things happening in Syria one should remember that the sadness of the drawings are too understandable.



The painter Zuhair Hassib represents his nation, customs, traditions in Syria by the help of the paintings.








Individual exhibitions



Hasaka 1980, the Arab Center Althafa


1989 Germany, Dresden. Palace of Culture


1990 Damascus, Ishtar 


1991 Aleppo, Khanji


2000 Damascus, lounge Naseer Shura


2002 Damascus, lounge Naseer Shura


2007 Damascus, Mr. Hall


2009 Iraqi Kurdistan, Sulaimaniya has Sorrukh


2010 Damascus, Mr. Hall











Damascus National Museum tribute to the martyrs


Sofia, the World Youth Fair


Oman, Muscat Youth Biennale


Beirut, with the artist Light teacher, Seminar House


2003 Damascus, honoring the late artist Omar Haseeb


2004 Aleppo, lounge words


2005 Iraqi Kurdistan, Sulaimaniya has ROJ











Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Defense, the National Museum, Opera House, Beirut, Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iraq,



Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Paris, and most countries in the world.





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