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When we think about Mexican art, we mostly think about Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera — the most-known painters from Mexico of 20th century. They are indeed important personalities who still inspire artists, but art of this magnificent country has many other outstanding fine art examples to impress the viewer.

Mexican art: a short overview

Mexican art has one similar thing to Indian art — use of the wide variety of brightest colours within one painting. The other thing that strikes the eye is that almost all objects depicted on paintings don't exist in the real world or are painted different to its real model.

Art in Mexico didn't have a period of strong development of Academic painting except the Colonial era. It seems like the real local art tends to work with primitive painting methods putting all the expressiveness into colour and shape.

During the 16th–17th century mural got a significant growth in New Spain to which at that time belonged Mexico. They were used for decorating churches and houses of nobility. But the end of 17th century and during all the 18th century portrait became the most popular painting genre. Mexican society was very religious at that period so portraits had to show virtues and piety of the portrayed person.

19th century was a period of Academy of San Carlos establishment where genres like landscape and historical painting developed, following the European tendencies. Twentieth century brought a boom of mural, but under the influence of historic events post revolution Mexican murals were full of ideological content.

Modern Mexican art at online gallery

In modern Mexico art develops in the same way like in any other country in the world. Artists experiment with style, colours and media trying to express their feelings, points of view and depicting the world around them.

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Artists, both beginners and authors with name, are welcome to sell their works in our gallery. We want to become a perfect place where artists, art dealers and buyers can meet each other and effectively work together and we invite you to join us!

Contemporary  artwork Recuerdo y ahora solo Quiero Volar by Guadalupe Reyes
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Figurative  artwork El Futuro estaba escrito by Guadalupe Reyes
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Figurative  artwork Lupita entre Gerberas by Guadalupe Reyes
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Figurative  artwork Viva la vida con Frida Kahlo by Guadalupe Reyes
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Contemporary  artwork El Museo Azul by Guadalupe Reyes
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El Museo Azul
Owner Guadalupe Reyes
$1 500