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Pencil is a universal medium indeed, good for both drawing sketches and painting big and difficult artworks. Pencils vary by colors and thickness of the lead. The first graphite pencils were created in 16th century, and since that time artists from all over the world widely use them.

Creating sketches with pencil

Pencil is widely used as a medium for sketches. Many artists create sketches before starting to work on painting, and this “trial” versions of famous paintings, created by well-known artists, sometimes are more expensive than a complete painting of less popular artist.

This medium is very convenient for preparatory works as it is easy to erase it. When the sketch is ready, an artist often add color with a help of watercolor, gouache or oil paint.

Lead pencil: hundred shades of gray

Lead pencil is maybe the most popular medium as each artist has at least several pencils. Made of graphite, this medium can vary in thickness, hardness and even color. They are also available in different forms: as a traditional pencil or graphite stick. Many artists prefer to use the stick as it allows to work with lines of different thickness using different edges of a stick.

Nowadays all the pencils have special grading to help in choice. Each of them are marked with two characters, where H means hardness, and B stands for blackness. The regular pencil has an HB grade, the blackest one - 9B, and the hardest 9H. These helps artists to choose the proper medium for each artwork, though soft pencils remain the most popular.

Many famous artists used pencil in various artworks:

At online gallery you can buy pencil paintings by various contemporary artists from all countries of the world. We organize worldwide delivery and are ready to answer all your questions.

Surrealism  artwork Dark Side of The Fligh by Rimbu Iulian
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Expressionism  artwork Sleeping moon by Zuhair Hassib
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Sleeping moon
Owner Zuhair Hassib
$4 000
Surrealism  artwork Bad to Be a Sparrow by Rimbu Iulian
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