Pop Art Mixed Media painting The Ronaldini Portrait by Eduardo Bessa

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Eduardo Bessa - The Ronaldini Portrait

Pop Art
Mixed Media
60 x 80 cm
Eduardo Bessa
Owner:Eduardo Bessa

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My thoughts when creating this work was how would the Arnolfini Couple nowadays in pop version, I admire the original work and wanted to do it my way, it was conceived as an ”idea" leaving aside any attempt to emulate any technique, a quick record as a reflection of a consumer society.
There are various details between the original and this that were thought to detail, I wanted to compare the Arnolfini Couple to what would be the Ronaldini Couple nowadays, and used the super mediatic Mario Testino photo and some of the details of the work of Jan van Eyck as inspiration for the creation of this painting.
This is not quite a direct critique to Ronaldo because i even like him, it's a satire and a statement of the years we live, i was not there as Jan van Eyck was, but to be there the real photo exists, and this is a painting…

Painting: Acrylic, Oil and Paper on Canvas, Paper and Other.
Posted: 2014
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