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7 July
Елена Сенс
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8 July
Инна Хасилева
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Gyuri Lohmuller
8 July
Гиури Лохмюллер
Акробат кисти          Родился в Гэтаия, Румынии, в 1962 году. Gyuri Lohmuller является самоучкой. &nb ...
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Exotic Chromaticism







Elisenda grew up in a little village surrounded by natural landscapes where she started to be curious about the wild beauty.


When she was 17 she took part in her first collective exhibition in Barcelona.


At 19 she moved to Barcelona where she became a Fine Arts Graduate for the University of Barcelona.


After some years dedicated to Archaeology and Museology, she started teaching art and exhibiting around Catalonia.


In 2011, she moved to London where she is currently developing her artwork , immersed in a vibrant atmosphere of culture, meeting actors, artists and musicians who inspire her day-by-day.


Elisenda Vila was finalist at the ArtGemini Prize 2013.











The main characteristic of her paintings is a rich and exotic chromaticism, and her style is somewhere near realism, but strongly influenced by conceptual theories and surrealists artists.


Her work intends people to stop, look, think and meditate about the concepts that lay behind the pieces, and make them question their previous ideas and conceptions.


Elisenda is basically interested in ordinary people who develop everyday activities, and aims at presenting them to the public in a new angle by making them appear transcendental and unique.


In her paintings the ordinary in reality is represented as extraordinary.












“Art Gemini Prize finalists' exhibition", Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London. UK. 2014


"Contemporary Painting", Brick Lane Gallery, London. UK. 2014


"Fresh", Jackson’s Art Supplies, London. UK. 2013


"Mirades d'Orient",




Solo Exhibition.


Teatre de Ponent, Granollers. SPAIN. 2012


"Elisenda", Solo exhibition. El Racó de la Cris, Cànoves. SPAIN. 2011


"Visions del món", SpaiArt, Berga. SPAIN. 2011


"Mirades", Solo exhibition. Clínica CPAE, Barcelona. SPAIN. 2011


"Visions de la dona", Solo exhibition. Masia Can Rimblas, Dosrius. SPAIN. 2010


"Visions de la dona", Solo exhibition. Glazz, Centelles. SPAIN. 2009


"Col·lectiva 99", Espai Vaho, Barcelona. SPAIN. 1999












You can view and buy Art Works of Elisenda Vila online at ART.biz

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