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Elena Sense
7 July
Елена Сенс
Touch Of Life       Elena started to draw in the seventh grade. Initially, it was copying the pictures, then appeared m ...
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Inna Khasileva
8 July
Инна Хасилева
Обсуждаемый Модернист         Инна Хасилева родилась в 1984 года. 1999-2004 гг. - учащаяся Одесского Государствен ...
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Gyuri Lohmuller
8 July
Гиури Лохмюллер
Акробат кисти          Родился в Гэтаия, Румынии, в 1962 году. Gyuri Lohmuller является самоучкой. &nb ...
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Figurative Art




Patrizia Anedda is an Artist from Cagliari (ITALY).


Born in Florence, Patrizia always found inspiration in both my curiosity and passion in stage planning, furniture, gift and graphic design.


Her admiration of Figurative Art helped Patrizia Anedda reflect and summarise her present imaginative and creative universe and, consequently, the most vivid and significant remains of her past experiences.





Daily life ordinary elements, reproduced and modified images, pictures taken from magazines or traces of the urban landscape, such as advertisements, symbolic images, press-cuttings, tickets and fragments - you can find all this in her Art.


Cement, glue, gauze, paper and wood - she uses all sort of materials to create her works.



From 2001 onwards Patrizia Anedda created over 130 works of Art.






You can view and buy Art Works of Patrizia Anedda online at ART.biz


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