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Абдулкерим Бозан - Само по себе испытание

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Абдулкерим Бозан
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European refers Inquisition period.

Inquisition of the Judicial System Features:
- Cruel torture methods is to adopt a religious justice system.
- Church sees as the threat is eliminated sects.
- From the 15th century the so-called magicians that people were punished with brutal methods.
- Crime is based on the understanding do confess.

Inquisition is divided into four;
- Croatian Inquisition.
- The Inquisition of the Middle Ages.
- Roman Inquisition.
- Spanish Inquisition:
Queen Isabella of Castile and the Spanish Inquisition I. Upon the insistence of the Pope IV. Was approved in 1483 by Sixtus. Muslims and Jews was intended to be Christianized. Therefore, 200,000 Jews left Spain in 1492. Many found refuge in the Ottoman Empire. If Muslims made ​​to the agreements made ​​at the beginning if it is treated well in this situation did not last even a year. Hundreds of thousands of Arab descent or indigenous peoples of the region we know today as Spain consisting of Muslims and Jews were murdered in an inquisition or apparent as Christians have formed a group called Moriscos. In the next period the whole of North Africa, especially those who can not be assimilated to the rest of the world has been.
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