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Симон Кирк - Он и Она

смешанная техника
18 x 24 см
Симон Кирк
Владелец:Симон Кирк
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In this piece I have used the 'decollage' technigue. I first 'built up' the image using layers of paint and collage, then stripped away parts of this built up surface image to reveal layers below. I repeated the process until the composition was complete. The final piece of this composition was the addition of the cut up text. I am fascinated by the combination of text and image in art, and in 'He and She’ the free association of the figure with the cut-up text creates an evocative, poetic work with an ambiguous narrative. The text is cut from pages of novels. In my variation of the cut up technique I cut the ‘poem’ I create out in one section. This is distinct from the cut up technique of cutting out strips of words and re-arranging them randomly. Artwork is sold framed - framed dimensions 21.5 × 27.5 × 3.5 cms
Опубликовано: 2014
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