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Art Deco, a beautiful art movement that was popular between 1925-1940s, is often associated with architecture and particular buildings in New York - for example, Chrysler Building. It was a very fashionable movement in Modern art, inspired by strict geometrical figures.

Art Deco: history, characteristics and materials

From the very beginning Art Deco was a luxurious art style as it required costly materials like silver, lacquer, ivory and jade .Artists were also experimenting with new materials like aluminium and stainless steel. After the Great Depression artists also used less expensive materials - plastic, chore and other to make artworks more affordable for middle class.

This style developed under the strong influence of Cubism vision of shape, Constructivism machine-inspired forms and Fauvism way of using colors. The name appeared after 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs Industriels et Modernes, held in Paris. The Roaring Twenties was a time of its highest development, while the Great Depression and beginning of World World II brought a stagnation to it.

The most of this style examples are gathered in New York, represented by city’s most noticeable skyscrapers which include Rockefeller Center and Empire State Building. Art Deco is a mix of classical mathematical proportion and images of new era, borrowed mostly from industrial design.

Art Deco in visual arts

Though it is mostly known for architecture, Art Deco embraced several art forms which included textile decoration, interior design, jewellery and fashion design. This style didn’t have any philosophical background but has always been simply a decorative style, with no hidden meanings in the paintings.

In visual arts it was mostly represented as posters, paintings and drawings. There aren’t many artists who worked in this style. Some of the famous painters created Art Deco paintings, but nobody worked in this style solely.

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Art Deco  artwork America Love by Alex Nov
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