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The Photorealism art movement which is also called Superrealism appeared in USA in the end of 1960s. The top places of this style development were California and New York. The artists were inspired by photography and created fine art works that depicted not nature but human-made objects with microscopic accuracy.

Main ideas of an art style

Critics tend to consider Pop Art as a catalyst of Photorealism raise. These two styles have one idea in common: both of them wanted to break the rules of artwork object’s importance and depicted objects from everyday life. At the very beginning the style faced harsh reactions from some critics who believed that Photorealism is a betrayal of a Modernism as it came back to idea of technical perfection while the main goal of art was thought to express feelings rather than artist’s skills.

Photorealism was first of all a technical challenge for artists who needed to depict difficult objects like glass, reflections or water as real as possible. Most of artists worked with high resolution photos of objects which they projected onto canvases and than used an airbrush to made an image look realistic.

The most known Photorealistic artists and artworks

The list of the most recognized Photorealism artists and artworks include:

Several sculptors have also worked in Photorealistic style — for example, Duane Hanson with his famous Supermarket Shopper and other works with typical middle class Americans as main characters.

In the end of 2000s the Photorealism was replaced by Hyperrealism — even more detailed and realistic art style.

Online gallery offers for sale Photorealistic artworks of modern artists from all countries of the world. Buyers and collectors can see all the details about each painting on its page and buy the work online.

Photorealism  artwork Imagination Life by Konstantin Kachev
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Imagination Life
Owner Konstantin Kachev
$5 800
Photorealism  artwork Window in Tuscany by Vera Tsepkova
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Window in Tuscany
Owner Vera Tsepkova
Photorealism  artwork Penguins by Vera Tsepkova
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Owner Vera Tsepkova