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When we talk about street art, we always mean graffiti - the most radical, mostly illegal but totally free type of contemporary art. This movement, which participants tended to decorate walls and urban elements, began after 1960s in New York, and its development is connected to development of hip-hop culture.

Graffiti art - the most popular type of urban art

Though at the very beginning graffiti was observed only as a vandalism, nowadays it is considered as an artwork. Lists of artists feature thousands of names, and graffiti festivals are held around the globe.

There are several types of graffiti:

Within graffiti artists community exists a slang which describes particular types of artworks or elements of the creative process. The simplest example of graffiti is tag - applying a signature or some word on a surface. Though it is technically the simplest form of street art, the meaning of a tag can be complicated. For example, famous graffiti artist Jean-Michele Basquiat applied a word SAMO which meant “same old shit”.

A “blockbuster”, or “roller” graffiti is a huge painting applied on all the surface with a paint-roller. The main goal of such painting is mostly to cover all the surface and prevent other artists from painting on it. Stencil graffiti of one of the most popular types which features use of image stencil to quickly apply it on a surface.

Brief history of street art

The art style started to develop in Europe and USA since 1968 during the series of protests. In New York the first place for graffiti to develop was a subway. Tags applied on subway cars would travel around the city showing artist’s work.

Nowadays street art it is exhibited in world-known galleries like The Tate Gallery London. At online gallery you can buy graffiti-style artworks. The canvas are painted by artists inspired by street art, and they feature all the freedom of this art movement.

Street Art/Urban  artwork Preamble to the decay of lying by Eduardo Bessa
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Street Art/Urban  artwork Present and Future by massimo onnis
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Street Art/Urban  artwork Tony Collobert by Tony Collobert
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Tony Collobert
Owner Tony Collobert
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