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Tomcats and More




Alan Albegov was born in the city of Ordjonikidze, North Ossetia, in 1966. He studied at an art school and art college. In 1993 he graduated from V.I. Mukhina Higher School of Arts and Industry in Leningrad. He started painting in 2010.


He has exhibited his works at numerous displays in Russia and abroad. He lives and works in Saint Petersburg.





Alan Albegov’s father was an illustrator, so the talented boy started painting in his early childhood. Eventually he entered an art school. He got a degree in design of V.I. Mukhina Higher School of Arts and Industry in Leningrad, so up till 2010 he worked as a designer to finally realize one day that he was doing something wrong: «At a certain point of time, you have to realize it and start doing something that make you happy, doing what you like to do. And the main thing is not to be afraid of it».


When Alan Albegov started getting invitations to take part in art shows and getting awards, he realized he truly enjoyed his occupation - painting. In 2010 he came second best in a display competition in New-York getting a silver medal. And American Wildlife Society awarded him a gold medal. In March 2011 he won the display competition in New-York and got a gold medal.





«Why cats? Honestly, the question still puzzles me. So I try to weasel my way out saying there are things words cannot explain. You need images and feelings to explain them. So I paint them, etc. But it is really so! How do I express something I cannot say? All I can do is paint it. And I prefer expressing my feelings and attitudes using images of cats.


I like talking to them and taking care of them. I like listening to them. They are so open, clear and sincere. And they do not wear a mask or several masks at once, as we, people, successfully do. I definitely like all animals - all flesh, to be more precise. But still I like cats a bit more».





Alan Albegov is not one hundred percent animal painter. He does not try to convey cats’ anatomical organization or habits. His cats are a way to communicate his own emotions, feelings, fantasies, and associations. They include solitude, silence and various dreams.


Although deserted, «K. City» by Alan Albegov is inhabited by furry animals talking directly to angels and traveling to the past and future like pictures in Tarot cards. There are no obstacles for them in dreams. Travelling through time and space, they give an all-knowing and poignant look at the audience.


And the artist tries to unlock their secret in his art.This eternal mystery and ancient Egyptians’ concept of a cat as of a divine being make Alan Albegov’s art charming and popular.





You can view and buy Artworks of Alan Albeg online at ART.biz

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