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Conceptual art is a form of contemporary art where idea is more important than ever before in the history of art. Visual means and artist’s skills are secondary to the idea. Some artists think that artwork isn’t made by artist but created by the viewer.

Origins and core characteristics

Marcel Duchamp, French and American mixed media artist, is often called the father of Conceptual art. Duchamp worked in Dada style and created shocking and challenging artworks like Fountain — an urinal basin which he tried to send for exhibition. Surrealism is sometimes considered as an origin of early Conceptual art.

The term ’conceptual art’ was first used in the end of 1950s by Edward Kienholz, an American artist who worked with an installation genre. The first artwork in this style was Erased de Kooning Drawing — an artwork erased by Robert Rauschenberg. This work brought a lot of discussions about meaning of art. One of them was about the importance of idea of an artwork rather than finished painting itself.

Conceptual art started forming in the end of 1960s and by the middle of 1970s became one of the most influential art movements in Western fine art tradition. The important thing about Conceptual art is that it has changed the scheme or artist-viewer interaction: gallery visitors are considered as participants of art creation. Conceptualists believe that all examples of art — drawings, sculptures, installations, photos — are non unique and secondary while the concept is the only thing that matters.

Artworks for sale at online gallery, a collection of On-line Galleris, is almost an on-line Museum. It works to help talented artists of all genres and styles to sell their works. Collectors and buyers are free to choose the artwork by different criteria:

We sell only originals — no copies or replicas. On the page of each artwork viewer can get all the needed information about a painting and see its proportions on the preview with a painting hanging on the wall.

On our website you can find artworks of artists from all countries of the world — we want to help art spread all over the globe without boundaries and will organize delivery of a painting to any country of the world.

Conceptual  artwork Ganpati by Neeta Thadeshwar
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Owner Neeta Thadeshwar
Conceptual  artwork The Rape of Europa bull by bondarenko kirill
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The Rape of Europa bull
Owner kirill bondarenko
$10 000
Conceptual  artwork Mashiach will be born in Sabbath by KRK kosta kachkachev
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Conceptual  artwork Ebola is a virus too... by Eduardo Bessa
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